Turquoise Tee

Turquoise T-Shirt

This T-shirt was an experiment to see if I could make a short-sleeved sweater the same shape as my favorite t-shirt pattern. And next time I'll remember to make the neckline lower to allow for ribbing or a hem. Knitted from the top. Shortrow darts for shaping. I used a picot hem on sleeves, bottom and neckline. Dawn Brocco told me how to help the hem to lie as flat as possible: I regauged by going from #5 needles to #4 on the row before the picots, the picot row, the next row. Then to #2 for seven rows, then back to a #5 for the row right before hand-hemming it down, following instructions in Principles of Knitting. The yarn is variegated turquoise Tango DK, 100% acrylic, from King Cole. It feels far more like cotton to work with than the usual acrylic wool-mimic, but softens somewhat after washing. Turquoise T-Shirt, short
rowing Turquoise T-shirt, hem