Jeff's Red Vest

Jeff's Red Vest, front

This was supposed to be a Christmas present, but it took me until May of the next year, about eight months altogether. I'm still not ready to do more cables.... This has seven different ones from an assortment of stitch treasuries, plus Dragonskin (BW 2:136) under the arms. The yoke of plain stockinette is flattering to a man's wide shoulders. The yarn is Unger's Utopia which is a bit too soft to give proper definition to the cables; they flatten when he leans back.

I also did a cabled vest for our grown son--no picture available. He's fond of snakes, so when I found "Serpentine" and "Snake Rib" and "Dragonskin" I knew what to do! If I ever knit another I'll add "Sidewinder." Jeff's Red Vest, back Jeff's Red Vest, cable
detail Jeff's Red Vest, cable