The Very First Sweater

The Very First

Thanks to Maggie Righetti for Knitting in Plain English and Sweater Design in Plain English, and to Barbara Walker for Knitting From the Top. These books gave me the courage to design and knit my first sweater. It's four years old and looks it, having been worn on every possible occasion. I used some very old yarns from stash, along with Unger's Utopia--the milk chocolate brown. I also used elastic knitted into the sleeve cuffs and I won't do that again!

I had to modify Righetti's S-shaped raglan design to account for my DH's large chest. Instead of using an every 4th row increase after the shoulder tips I used an every other row increase on the body and every 4th row increase on the sleeves. That fitted him! The sleeves are also knitted in the round, including the cuffs, where I used a double knitting technique. Sleeve detail
showing elastic decay