Remote Areas - Lewis Creek

Remote Areas - Lewis Creek

The crags at Lewis Creek

As a look at the map will show, there is a great deal of Monterey county that is well off the beaten path. One such area lies in the hook along the county's eastern border. The main highway, State Highway 198, runs from Coalinga across to San Lucas, back in the Salinas Valley. This is one of the few roads that cross from east to west across the linear ranges that divide the coastal region from California's great central valley.

If you leave the highway near the summit, you come to Priest Valley, another of Monterey's hidden beauty spots. Lewis Creek flows down from the mountains here, and a narrow dirt road leads back along its path.

The road ends at this ranch, which is overlooked by its guardian rocky outcrop, and protected by Lewis Creek from the other side.

North Fork of Lewis Creek

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