Wildflowers III - Mariposa Tulips

Wildflowers III - Mariposa Tulips

Mariposa Tulips

One of the loveliest of our local wildflowers is the Mariposa Tulip. Mariposa, from the Spanish for butterfly, Tulip from its shape. Mariposa Tulips prefer to grow in undisturbed ground, so one usually finds them on the steep slopes where no cultivation has occurred. Usually we see them in April, and when the month came to an end without any Mariposa Tulips in sight I thought this was going to be one of those years when we wouldn't see any.

Mariposa Tulip - closeup

Boy was I wrong! When I came home on May 2, my driveway was lined with more than we've ever seen before. They're not gaudy, the way the vetch is. You won't find whole hillsides covered with a carpet of them, but up close they are well worth a look.

Mariposa Tulips by the driveway

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