Deer on the Runway

Deer on the Runway

Deer at the Airstrip

The local deer enjoy the open parklike spaces around the airstrip. The does are practically fearless, and tend to ignore mere people, even when they stop and get out of the truck to take pictures.

Often the deer will congregate in groups of up to a dozen, grazing peacefully together on and along the runway. They do know enough to get out of the way when a plane is trying to land.

The farmers and ranchers are tolerant of the deer, which merely nibble a little of this and a little of that, and don't really damage the crops. Vineyard owners are a little fussier, and have erected high wire fences to keep the deer out. The fences have to be high, because deer are good jumpers, and they have to be tight, because deer can slip through small spaces. Barbed wire fences are great for containing cattle, but the deer can go over, under, or through them without breaking stride.

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